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The foundation of W.O.M.B. is our Circles, our LOCATION-BASED networking groups.

The circles work to create a referral-based community by actively recruiting members from all industries! This supports our mission to keep our dollars circulating within our communities.

They also feature:

  • Monthly, in-person* Connect Meeting

  • Accountability Partners/Groups

  • Member Event Calendar

  • A Yearly Community Projects

  • Collaboration Support

For our members who do not live in an area that has a local circle (yet!), we have our Virtual Circle that also meets monthly and builds amazing connections across the country!


Richmond, Virginia Circle Meeting

Each circle chapter is led by an influential woman ready to connect fellow W.O.M.B. members in her city. 
She enjoys many additional benefits, including a complimentary membership!
Think you have what it takes to lead a circle in your city? Fill out our survey HERE!


Circle Leader - Delreo Norris

Raleigh, NC

Circle Leader - Angela Clemmons

Petersburg, VA 

Circle Leader - Senithia Martin

Richmond, VA

Circle Leader - Maya Harris

Charlotte, NC 

Circle Leader - Theresa Martin

Quad Cities, IA/IL 

Circle Leader - LaNette Turner

Greensboro, NC

Circle Leader - Betina Bullard

Virtual Circle

Circle Leader - Cecily Hickman

Louisville, KY 

Circle Leader - Kristy Bartlett

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