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are starting businesses more than ever! They are passionate and purpose-filled. Yet, their efforts are often not reflected in their income. 

We are here to skew the statistics...together! 


​Mission Statement:

W.O.M.B. is a professional organization committed to helping black and brown women entrepreneurs to increase their profits through strategic planning and partnerships.

The 3Ps of W.O.M.B:

You may be thinking, “This looks good, but why is W.O.M.B. the right organization for me?”

Our three pillars represent the values that guide us each day!


“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” Thomas Edison

To cultivate is to nurture and help to grow. Success does not just happen overnight. It requires time, energy, effort...and the right tools and training. W.O.M.B. provides members with training opportunities and coaching in the areas of business that will help ensure members' success. We believe your success is our success, and we are DEDICATED to helping you win!


“Succeeding in business is all about making connections.”  Richard Branson

It's more than networking. Partnering with other women who cheer for your celebrations and listen to your frustrations, who often experience the same obstacles as women entrepreneurs of color, is invaluable. The connections you make here will last a lifetime!


“Your business is your platform. Your profit will be determined by the lives you touch through your service. ” Germany Kent

Profits come easily when you are focused on creating value for your clients and community. W.O.M.B. recognizes the power of profit as a TOOL to improve the lives of people around us and to leave a legacy for our families and community. We are BETTER TOGETHER!



Lauren Fowler
on W.O.M.B.Workshops

The "Your 168" handouts provided participants with a clear understanding of their finite time. As a result, they discover how to strike a productive balance between revenue-generating activities and essential tasks to be delegated, for greater personal efficiency and the preservation of their total well-being.


Majeeda Bey
on W.O.M.B. Circles

W.O.M.B. (Woman-Owned Minority Businesses has been a blessing and a strategic tool in helping to grow my business. The accountability circles are instrumental in gaining insight, feedback, and peer support, which is essential in getting to the next level. The circle members are the unsung she-roes of the momentum I'm experiencing in my business. I'm grateful for your vision.

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Yolanda Reed

on a W.O.M.B. Networking Event

I look forward to the testimonies that will come from the connections made today! This was an AWESOME event and I thank you Maya Harris for creating this opportunity. I am excited for all of us.

After years of running her own ventures, Maya Lynn Harris recognized the need for entrepreneurs like herself to have a safe space to grow their businesses as a community. So, she founded W.O.M.B. (Woman-Owned Minority Business), a networking community that empowers Black and Brown women entrepreneurs to use their networks to create more revenue in their businesses.

Maya is also the author of What’s Your Oil? Unmasking Your Hidden Talents and co-author of the Amazon Best-Seller, Unchain My Legacy: How Owning Our Choices Free Us and Those We Love. She has two wonderful sons, Mandell and Bryce, and resides in Richmond, Virginia.

"I attended my first business conference almost 10 years ago. At the time, I was still teaching high school English full-time and had a few side hustles that I was fumbling through. The speaker asked us to write down what we would be doing in our life if "NO" was not an answer.  I wrote down that I would be helping other single moms like me live better lives.


I've always had a passion for helping other women. But I recognized that being passionate wasn't enough. That road led me to start W.O.M.B., a place where women like me can come together and truly receive the tools and support necessary to build a sustainable business in a community of their peers! Despite what the statistics say, black and brown women CAN be successful entrepreneurs! We are here to CHANGE THE NARRATIVE!

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