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Don't be embarrassed.

Mine sat, untouched, for 15 years!

In fact, I can bet that most people you know have a million-dollar idea in their back pocket.

But LIFE took priority - 

Job, Spouse, Kids


But I have good news for you!

If you still have a heartbeat, you still have time to reach your goals and change your life!

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I train BIPOC women to BIRTH sustainable businesses so that they can make more money and do more of what they love!

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Hear From My Amazing Clients!


Majeeda B.

Your 168

This course was extremely valuable in terms of helping an individual get clear on how they invest/spend their time and practical steps they can take to reallocate their time to work towards their goals.  This would be helpful for personal and/or business applications, as it allows a person to better understand how they can maximize the time they have.  I definitely suggest this course be made available to ANYONE looking to improve their time management.


Paula G. 

BTBS Business Design Course

"This course is definitely needed for anyone seriously considering starting a business or anyone just starting out.  I was able to be more intentional in my approach - figuring out where to focus my energies and talents in whom I would serve."


Rasheeeda E.

Finding Your Niche

Maya L. Harris, has been an absolute blessing and tremendous asset in my journey to entrepreneurship! Maya soothed my concerns with experience and a wealth of knowledge. She is very present in the process of your success adding great understanding to this journey!


Denyse Phipps Crank

BTBS Business Design Course

"I am honored to have been accepted in this program. This course taught me what to do and what not to do. The most beneficial course I could have ever taken for my business." 

About Maya


After years of running her own ventures, Maya Lynn Harris realized that her greatest passion was to help women monetize their skills and talents. As a business startup coach, Maya teaches women how to plan, implement, and execute a sustainable business through their first two years. However, she also recognized the need for entrepreneurs like herself to have a safe space to grow their businesses as a community. So, she founded W.O.M.B. (Woman-Owned Minority Business), a professional networking and empowerment organization that empowers Black and Brown women entrepreneurs to leverage their connections to build purposeful, profitable businesses.
Maya is also the author of What’s Your Oil? Unmasking Your Hidden Talents and co-author of the Amazon Best-Seller, Unchain My Legacy: How Owning Our Choices Free Us and Those We Love. She has two wonderful sons, Mandell and Bryce, and resides in Richmond, Virginia.


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Self-Paced Launch for Startups

Business Startups

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1-on-1 Launch Coaching for Startups

Business Startups

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1-on-1 Accountability Coaching


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Connect with Maya

Your 20-Min. Complimentary Connect Call gives you an opportunity to share your goals and ideas with me! Whether it is a new business idea or the need to find new growth strategies, you and I will spend some time discussing what your ideal "next steps" should entail.


Investment: 20 minutes of your time!

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