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Tanya Lopez

This month's Featured Member is Tanya Lopez! Tanya is the founder of Always Creating by Tanya, a solopreneur business that designs and creates customized & personalized items for any and all occasions.

"I was born and raised in NY in an era where kids were kids. We played outside until the streetlights came on, watched TV as a family, and of course, lots of arts & crafts. My love for arts and crafts started with woodshop in middle school. I just loved creating, designing, and using my imagination. This love for crafts continued, even more, when I had kids of my own. I loved seeing their imagination come to life with their coloring and messy hands after painting which made me happy and their childhood memorable. My business is designed to bring your vision to life, not only to create your own memorable moments but to create long-lasting keepsakes."

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