Your BUSINESS goals should fulfill your LIFE goals!

We can help! 

You didn't start a business because you wanted more money.

You started a business because:

  • You want to be home to raise your kids

  • You want to take vacations when YOU want to

  • You want to have sick days whenever you need them

  • You want to take care of your family

  • You want to tithe more

  • You want to start a scholarship fund

  • You want to support your community

In other started your business because you want to PROSPER in your life!

Are W.O.M.B. Circles right for you? 

See which TRIBER sounds like you!

W.O.M.B. Circles are here to help you




W.O.M.B.'s 6-Figure 6S CIRCLES!

"W.O.M.B.'s 6-Figure 6S Circles" is our business growth membership that guides women entrepreneurs of color through the development and execution of strategic action plans to increase productivity and profitability.

The PROFIT is in the PLAN!

W.O.M.B.'s 6-Figure 6S Circles provide the training, guidance, and accountability that you need to not just PLAN for your success, but to actually


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You’ve been wanting to reach your goals. W.O.M.B.'s 6-Figure 6S CIRCLES are exactly what you’ve been waiting for! But, don’t just take my word for it…


Lauren Fowler

on an exclusive W.O.M.B.Training

The "Your 168" handouts provided participants with a clear understanding of their finite time. As a result, they discover how to strike a productive balance between revenue-generating activities and essential tasks to be delegated, for greater personal efficiency and the preservation of their total well-being.


W.O.M.B. (Woman-Owned Minority Businesses has been a blessing and a strategic tool in helping to grow my business. The accountability circles are instrumental in gaining insight, feedback, and peer support, which is essential in getting to the next level. The circle members are the unsung she-roes of the momentum I'm experiencing in my business. I'm grateful for your vision.

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Yolanda Reed

on a W.O.M.B. Networking Event

I look forward to the testimonies that will come from the connections made today! This was an AWESOME event and I thank you Maya Harris for creating this opportunity. I am excited for all of us.

Majeeda Bey

on W.O.M.B. Circles

What's Included?



“This sounds great! How much to get in the action?”
You have a budget. We get it. Even the most successful entrepreneurs are mindful of where they are investing their money. There are thousands of programs to invest in and we recognize that.


Today, you can start with our Tribe membership with a one-time investment of just $500/yr or $47/month!


Here’s how to get started…

  • Click the JOIN NOW button

  • Enter your details

  • And within seconds of processing your order, you’ll be directed to the W.O.M.B. Tribe Hub, our private FB Group! In the Hub, you’ll be able to choose your circle, complete your business profile, view past trainings, connect with other members, and more!

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About the Founder,

Maya Lynn Harris, Business Accountability Coach

After years of running her own ventures, Maya Lynn Harris realized that her greatest passion was to help women monetize their skills and talents. As a business design strategist, Maya teaches women of color how to develop customer-centric, profitable businesses through reverse design, a concept she used and taught during her 20 years as an educator. However, she also recognized the need for entrepreneurs like herself to have a safe space to grow their businesses as a community. So, she founded W.O.M.B. (Woman-Owned Minority Business), business development community that teaches women entrepreneurs of color "Reverse Design" to develop and execute strategic action plans to increase productivity and profitability. 


Maya is also the author of What’s Your Oil? Unmasking Your Hidden Talents and co-author of the Amazon Best-Seller, Unchain My Legacy: How Owning Our Choices Free Us and Those We Love.


PS – I’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions about growing your business with W.O.M.B.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is this all about?

W.O.M.B. (Woman-Owned Minority Businesses)is a business development community that teaches women entrepreneurs of color to plan, implement, and execute their goals to increase productivity and profitability.

What is "Reverse Design"?

We approach planning, at all levels, using Reverse Design. The concept simply means "beginning with the end in mind." Our primary question is, "What life are you creating for yourself and how will this plan positively impact it?" We believe that the purpose of being is business is not simply to make money, but to use money as the vehicle to improve our life and the life of those we love and the communities we serve.


What are the features of the Tribe Membership?

  • Virtual membership available to any woman entrepreneur of color, world-wide! Valued at $120/year

  • Private, social network for easy communication and exclusive programming! – Valued at $300/year

  • Free Quarterly Networking Event – Valued at $300/year

  • Monthly webinars led by industry experts on topics that cover member areas of need – Valued at $1128/year

  • Access to our 6S Academy! – Valued at $5000/year

  • Over $7000 worth of services for 47/month!

Why focus on Women Entrepreneurs of Color?

  • For women of color, average revenue dropped from $84,000 in 2007 to $66,400 in 2018, while for non-minority businesses, revenue rose from $181,000 to $212,300

  • Women of color are less likely to be marketed to by business networking groups

  • Women of color traditionally shy away from collaborating thus missing out on significant income potential

  • Women of color, more specifically black women, are the fasting growing segment of new business owners yet have the least amount of traditional business training.


What if I am a new business owner?

No problem. You will have a chance to work with other new business owners while learning from experienced ones!


Does it matter where I live?

No! In fact, we are excited to welcome women all over the world! We say, “If there is a woman entrepreneur of color building a business anywhere, there’s a circle ready to cheer her on!


What’s the time commitment?

All of our activities are about 60 minutes. On average, you can expect to commit about 4 hours per month plus 4 hours of personal planning. Those hours will change your life!


How much is the investment?

Our membership $47 per month or $500 for the year! Jump in now while the registration fee is being waived!


Is there a contract?

Yes, we want our members to WANT to be a part of W.O.M.B. but we do require a 6-month agreement. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the membership. Canceling after the  2-week guarantee period, and before the end of your 1st 6 months will result in an early termination fee of $97. 


How do I get started today?

W.O.M.B accepts new members once per quarter, after our quarterly event. The application is open from that Sunday through Thursday. HOWEVER, anyone on the waiting list will get access on Saturday BEFORE the event, guaranteeing their membership spot!


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