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Our CONNECTION Connection

So you ask, "But, Sis, how will W.O.M.B. benefit me?"


CONNECTING is more than swapping business cards at a networking event. It is purposefully exploring ways that you can bring value to the people you meet, and in turn, they bring value to you! 

W.O.M.B. understands women connect on such a deep level that those connections are actually vital to the growth of our ventures. Yet, that does not mean we AUTOMATICALLY know how to connect or the best ways to connect that will mutually benefit us and our sistapreneurs!

W.O.M.B.'s CONNECTION Connection takes networking to new heights! We focus on educating all of our members on the most EFFECTIVE and PROFITABLE ways to build connections within their networks...and ours! We do this by creating trainings and providing support in building 12 Types of Connections:

  • Accountability Partners 

  • Business Partners

  • Clients

  • Coaches

  • Collaborative Partners

  • Competitors 

  • Consultants

  • Contractors

  • Employees

  • Influencer

  • Mentors

  • Sponsors

Join W.O.M.B. to learn how to

MAXIMIZE and MONETIZE your connections

and create the legacy you dream of!

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