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This Month's Featured Entrepreneurs


Fashion and Accessories

My Beautiful Fluff is a body-positive brand meant to empower and inspire plus-size women and women with natural hair to love themselves and their natural beauty. We do this by offering a complete line of products including plus-size T-shirts, guided journals, jewelry, and other accessories that promote self-love and body acceptance from head to toe.


Brittany Washington is an ambassador for  our Quad Cities, IA/IL Circle. She is a new member of W.O.M.B.!


Web Design & Business Coaching

Wendy is the founder of Wendy Jay Creative, a consultancy that teaches the “not-so-techy” solopreneur how to build and automate a business online. With a brilliant mind for functionality and process, Wendy understands what is needed to show up like a pro, so you get paid like one.


Wendy Robinson is an ambassador for our Charlotte, NC Circle. She is a new member of W.O.M.B., but has been a guest coach since 2019!


Beauty, Skin Care, & Personal Care

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. That's why Avon provides superior-quality cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and personal care products to connect women through beauty.


Tonya Cunningham is an ambassador for our Richmond, VA Circle and has been a member of W.O.M.B. since 2022.


Insurance & Financial Services

Protection 4 Life specializes in cash values policies, retirement and annuities to provide permanent coverage and create generational wealth for families.


Takisha Carr is an ambassador for our Petersburg, VA Circle. She has been a member of W.O.M.B. since 2022.

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