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Have a business idea that keeps you up at night?

It’s likely that you have looked for programs to help you get started but have gotten frustrated from the countless options, none of which seem to fit your SCHEDULE or your BUDGET.

And you are spending your days building someone else’s dream instead of your own.

This is a recipe for frustration!

The longer you wait to get started on your idea, the less likely you are to do it. 

You've been wanting to start

that business but,

Do you really want to launch that business idea in 2023 so that you can move forward with your goals AND be confident in your chances of success?

Your time is precious so let’s make it count the first time! If you’ve felt like:
☹️ You don’t think you have enough time to start 
☹️ You don’t think you have enough money
☹️ You have too many ideas and you don't know which to focus on!
☹️ You have no idea where to begin


Then I have something for you!

My name is Maya Harris and I’m the founder of W.O.M.B. – Woman-Owned Minority Businesses. I empower women with the strategies and tools to plan, launch, and grow sustainable, profitable businesses!



My students learn to:

✅ Create an additional income stream to fast-track their financial, personal, and professional goals!

✅Design the lifestyle that they deserve for themselves and their family!

✅Monetize all of the skills and talents that they know without someone ELSE telling them what those skills and talents are worth!

Paula Gillison (VA)

Owner -PGARTistry

It was a challenge to think of the business from so many different angles. The workbook was helpful in guiding me from one stage to the other. But the live Q&A was the secret sauce. Because of it, you feel supported and encouraged to push a little harder and imagine greater.


Here's what some of my students had to say..

Are you ready to move forward with your goals with a proven training process that other students are already using to launch sustainable, profitable businesses?

Then I want to introduce you to my

BUSINESS BIRTH BLUEPRINT - Business Planning Workshop!

Here’s what I’ll be working on with a limited amount of students inside this unique learning experience:

Start with a plan (1).jpg

Part 1


Before we get any further, let’s flesh out your idea. It’s the thing that has been on your mind and keeping you up at night! So, it is time to get it on paper. Then we'll look at your target audience and the products and services you will launch with!

Does this sound like your path to success? Here’s what you need to do!

To register for the BUSINESS BIRTH BLUEPRINT - Business Planning Workshop, tap the button below to complete your application and submit your $97 registration fee!

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